Tomorrow’s Innovation

REiA is a ScArt's creation and is the first of its kind in India and amongst the first in the world.

REiA will revolutionise how Real Estate Projects are positioned, spoken about and sold in Indian & Global Markets. This is an advanced customer experience application.



To help both The Potential Homebuyer & The Real-Estate Developers

The Home-Buying Experience

Not only see your future home and choose the right and perfect one but also Feel the experience of the future unbuilt project in real time / location of your choice. An application developed for a complete mesmerising experience for the prospective home buyers.

Empowering The Real-Estate Developers

REiA succours the developers by taking them directly to the 3D-world of projects through which the physical real edifice would be built in the real world. Do you wanna know how?


Xperience the new dimension

  • Ease-of-use
  • One-stop solution for sales in Real Estate
  • Amazing photorealistic interactive application
  • Live Video call - Remote presentation
  • Powerful real time engine makes content
         changes easy
  • An Application for all devices


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