Experience tomorrow’s innovation today

Open your eyes to REiA, an application designed and developed for a completely immersive experience for the potential home buyers and real estate majors to host & showcase their projects to the global viewers. REiA opens up a new dimension of experience to its viewers. The potential buyers enjoy a novel, interactive experience in virtual reality demonstrated in a complete 360 degree immersive way, previously unseen.


REIA can help both the potential homebuyer
and the salesperson

For Buyers

  1. Interactive visualisation can be developed to showcase the multi-dimensional features of future properties creatingan everlasting impact on the viewer’s mind.
  2. Visit and explore the property without even visiting it.
  3. Accurate descriptions of each project.
  4. Be in control


  1. Customize and develop content for impressive sales presentation at marketing offices and property expos
  2. Perfectly present your realty project on Large Interactive kiosks for an Immersive Experience.
  3. The entire content is in one place and thus explanation of the property becomes easier.
  4. The sales process is unified and content / informatio is never lost.